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Woodside Images is a boutique photography studio owned by Jeanette Sinclair.  Jeanette is an internationally published equestrian, landscape and portraiture photographer whose images have been been featured in equestrian and horticulture publications including Time Magazine, Horticulture Magazine, Horse & Style Magazine and The Chronicle of the Horse.  Her images have been displayed in exhibits in NYC, San Francisco and Miami and tech firms and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Hello and welcome!  I'm thrilled you stopped by to check out my work!

Photography has always been my passion.  As a young girl growing up in Ohio, I was always the one behind the lens.  Later, I had the good fortune to travel the world while living and working in Washington, D.C., satisfying both my wanderlust and my thrill for picture taking.  It was my move to Northern California in the late 90's that allowed me to turn my passion into a career.

Initially I specialized in landscape and garden photography, shooting for national horticulture and gardening magazines.   After my daughter's first pony walked off of the trailer in Woodside, my passion for equestrian photography was born.  Those of you in the equestrian world, either as a rider or parent of a rider, can appreciate the time spent at the barn and at the shows.  Needless to say, it was a fantastic (and, necessary) opportunity to add equine photography to my repertoire.

The experience I have gained these past 17 years in the field, barn and shows allows an ease in connecting with both horse and human.  Not only do I enjoy capturing those special moments between horse and rider and creating timeless pieces of fine art, it's also a thrill to capture the action in the ring! 

I added commercial and product photography to my resume in 2012, with product images featured in national publications, and regularly on social media.  When I'm not at a barn, horse show or traveling the country with my now-teenaged equestrian, I offer lifestyle, senior, commercial and holiday portrait sessions.

Each session is uniquely designed to tell your story. 

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